Sean Kelly

Interim Chief Executive Officer

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Malachy Campbell

Senior Policy Officer

Deborah Shields

Finance Manager

Iona Meyer

Networks, Events and Membership Coordinator

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Connor McLean

Policy & IT Officer

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Lizzy Pinkerton

NI Urban Spaces Programme Manager

Leah O'Neill

Historic Environment Policy and Projects Officer

Lawrence Geoffrey Tingson

Economics and Environment Officer

Kerry Melville

Nourish NI Coordinator

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Jane McCullough

Climate NI Manager

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Stephen Jones

Climate NI Project Officer

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Amy Bell

Climate NI Project Assistant

Jill Montgomery

Rural Resilience Coordinator

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Erin Walker

Climate NI Assistant

Will Stringer

Climate NI Officer

Brenda Roddy

Public Body Reporting Coordinator

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Julie Corry

Public Body Reporting Coordinator

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