Biodiversity in Northern Ireland sits within a broader international context, notably the Convention on Biological Diversity which came into force over 20 years ago and its associated targets and the EU 2020 Biodiversity Strategy.

NIEL Recommendations

  • We seek the resourcing and full implementation of ‘Valuing Nature’, the NI Executive’s existing Biodiversity Strategy for Northern Ireland, and also seek the Executive’s support in delivering the Environment Sector’s ‘Response for Nature’, which includes:
    • Decision–makers who recognise that restoring nature is a key solution to some of our most pressing social, economic and environmental problems
    • Fully implemented and developed nature legislation
    • The delivery of a network of special places for nature
    • Improved management of the wider landscape to make room for people and nature
    • Strong institutions for nature (particularly in the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs)
    • An improved connection between children and nature
    • The provision of incentives that work for nature
    • People working together for nature
  • A biodiversity strategy for Northern Ireland with measurable targets and actions for halting biodiversity loss
  • A coherent network of protected sites for nature – on land and sea with robust protections and adequately resourced management plans
  • Promotion of green infrastructure and the importance of the protection of biodiversity should be a core element of future policy development and all planning decisions
  • Development of an environmental education and community engagement strategy on the importance and protection of biodiversity should be a government priority


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