Water is an essential natural resource that plays a vital role in maintaining biodiversity, our health and well–being and economic development. Sustainable water management delivers water quality, flood abatement, climate change mitigation, landscape and wildlife and provides valuable recreational and aesthetic benefits to residents and visitors to Northern Ireland

NIEL Recommendations

  • Allocation of adequate resources to support the full implementation of European Water Policy, and particularly the Water Framework Directive
  • Effective implementation of the NI Long–term Water Strategy
  • That water abstraction does not damage rivers, lakes and wetlands (i.e. keep wetlands wet)
  • Restoration of Northern Ireland’s water–dependent protected areas
  • Sustainable drainage to manage runoff from roads and buildings (and prevent pollution from entering rivers)
  • Upgrading of sewage systems to reduce damaging discharges into the natural environment
  • Implement flood management schemes that work with natural processes
  • Capacity building among farmers (advice, training) and payments to deliver a healthy freshwater environment
  • Greater water efficiency in homes, buildings, and businesses by  raising awareness of the true value of water as a natural resource to be safeguarded for the future
  • Full implementation of River Basin Management Plans
  • Integrated land management to deliver high quality freshwater environments

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