Planning & Land Matters Task Force

The NI Planning & Land Matters Task Force (PLMTF) is a coalition of sectoral organisations seeking to influence and inform appropriate management, planning and protection of Northern Ireland’s limited land and landscape resource.

The Taskforce seeks to:

  • Inform and influence the development of strategic planning policy (regional and local) and legislation in Northern Ireland to ensure a sustainable, integrated and evidenced based approach to policy making.
  • Work with the Department for Infrastructure and Councils to ensure planning delivers protection and enhancement of our environment and contributes to societal well–being.
  • Provide a forum to share best practice ideas around planning policy development.
  • Promote the need for a high–level cross–cutting, strategic approach to landscape and land use planning, management and stewardship in Northern Ireland.
  • Support efforts to integrate the natural capital concept within planning policy and practice.

Towards A Land Strategy for Northern Ireland

“Towards A Land Strategy for Northern Ireland” reviews the contributions that land makes to the economic and social fabric of Northern Ireland and the realisation of sustainable development and the principle pressures placed on the overall resource. Compilation of this report was informed by a range of stakeholder perspectives, and from detailed observation of the development of the Scottish Land Use Strategy.

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