RSPB NI: Will you speak up for nature this election?

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With the Northern Ireland Assembly elections taking place on Thursday 5 May, we have an opportunity to ensure nature and climate issues are addressed in the next Assembly term. Please take action with us by sharing RSPB NI’s manifesto with your local candidates.

Ahead of polling day, our political parties will be setting out their goals and aspirations for Northern Ireland. Let’s use this opportunity to call for a sustainable future we can all be proud of.

The RSPB NI manifesto explains in clear and concise steps, the actions politicians and decision-makers can take in the next assembly term to restore and protect nature in Northern Ireland. This includes sections on the Nature and Climate crisis, Green Recovery, Sustainable land use and Planning and development.

It is clear that local people are concerned and actively calling for ambitious action to counter the nature and climate emergency. For example, a recent RSPB NI / Lucid Talk survey found that in Northern Ireland, 74% of people would support the creation of an independent EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to enhance environmental protection.

By sharing RSPB NI’s manifesto with your election candidates, you will be showing them what you would like them to deliver over the next five years. Email your candidates now to let them know how important the nature and climate emergency is to you.

Take action!

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