Putting communities on Track for a New Age of Rail

First All-Island Strategic Rail Review recommends electrification, new and enhanced routes, greater regional balance and improved speeds and frequency (via Department for Infrastructure)

If all the recommendations in this Review were delivered:

  • The rail network would be decarbonised
  • 700,000 more people would live within 5km of a railway station
  • Rail journey times between some major cities could be halved
  • Services on busiest intercity routes could run every 30 minutes in some cases
  • Rail passenger numbers could double
  • 90% of aviation passengers could travel to the airport by rail
  • Two thirds of freight tonnage would pass through ports served by rail
  • The island’s economy could be boosted by €20 billion

The Department of Transport (Ireland) and the Department for Infrastructure (Northern Ireland) today published a joint draft report of the All-Island Strategic Rail Review (AISRR) putting communities across the island on track for a new age of rail.

It is the first All-Island Rail Review, setting out 30 recommendations for developing a rail network that would significantly benefit commuters, communities, businesses, the environment and economies, both north and south. If the recommendations are implemented in full it could transform the rail system in the coming decades with electrification, faster speeds and greatly improved frequency, opening a number of new routes particularly across the West and North of the island, and widening accessibility and connectivity across the island.

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