The private car continues to dominate day–to–day travelling in Northern Ireland, with 73% of our journeys being made by car. Public transport and active travel infrastructure is crucial to delivering sustainable solutions for connected infrastructure across Northern Ireland.

NIEL Recommendations

  • Increased proportion of government investment for sustainable transport measures
  • Better integration of public transport services; establishment of transport nodes linked by efficient, affordable public transport
  • Implementation of Active Travel Strategy to deliver a safe and secure pedestrian and cycling environment to deliver health and social benefits and facilitate social inclusion
  • Mechanisms to incentivise vehicles powered by renewable energy to reduce use of fossil fuels in transport
  • Incentivise development of local goods and services to reduce freight transport needs
  • Use planning system to ensure settlements are designed around sustainable transport and local services
  • Rural Transport Policy to provide alternatives to the private car for rural communities, socially excluded and immobile
  • PR campaigns to promote active travel and public transport
  • All public transport vehicles to be power by electricity generated from renewable sources
  • Continuous bus priority lanes and signalling in all major towns and cities 100% of time with enforcement measures to ensure compliance and clear flow
  • Expanded ‘Park & Ride’ and ‘Park & Share’ systems, improving the service to make them preferable to driving for all long journeys
  • Expand active transport network to make it the focus and priority of all transport, not cars
  • Majority of journeys to school not by private car
  • Promote car free zones around schools and pedestrianisation of towns and cities
  • Investment to regenerate disused railways into a network of greenways to facilitate active travel across NI

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