Climate change

Climate change is one of the most challenging global issues facing Northern Ireland and requires response from all parts of government to both mitigate and adapt to ensure the resilience of Northern Ireland.

NIEL Recommendations

  • Introduction of a Climate Change Bill for Northern Ireland with legally binding targets to reduce GHGs by at least 3% annually accompanied by a budget to deliver these targets
  • Funding of targeted research into climate change impacts within NI
  • Diversification and decarbonisation of energy supply to increase energy security and supply and mechanisms to use energy more efficiently.  A long–term strategic energy vision with suitable incentivisation is urgently required
  • Ensure climate change is factored into the design of all new infrastructure, building to the highest zero carbon standards
  • Raise public awareness of climate change impacts to encourage changes in societal behaviour
  • Demonstrate that reductions in GHG emissions are compatible with economic growth and essential for Northern Ireland to access the benefits of a low carbon economy
  • Central and local government should lead by example and ensure that the government estate is energy efficient and preferably carbon neutral.

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