Built Heritage

The built heritage of Northern Ireland is one of the regions prime assets. Our built heritage has long been recognised as an attraction to visitors, but there is massive scope to development this role in tourism and place–making further – for the good of society and of the heritage itself.

NIEL Recommendations

  • Investment in research and technology to assess, monitor and predict the potential impacts of climate change on the built heritage
  • Development and implementation of science–based mitigation and adaptation policies and practices to address climate change impacts on built heritage
  • Development of policy and guidance to promote conservation/renovation of listed and vernacular buildings as an alternative to replacement/new build and as a means of stimulating economic growth
  • Development of cross–sectoral partnerships, innovative uses and targeted incentives to bring the buildings on the ‘At Risk’ register (BHARNI) back into use
  • Engagement of NGOs in partnership programmes for the restoration and maintenance of sites of built heritage importance, utilising their access to experience, resources and volunteers
  • Delivery of traditional building skills programmes to ensure a new generation of skilled craftspeople for the future
  • Promotion of the built heritage as an economic driver in Northern Ireland
  • Promote access to our natural and historic environment, including the use of ‘Green Prescriptions’

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