Team Opportunity: The Conservation Volunteers Kitchen Garden Project


Join us at The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) for a unique team opportunity at our Kitchen Garden Project within the museum, where we focus on tending to heritage gardens and cultivating vegetables. This project provides a hands-on experience that not only contributes to the preservation of historic gardens but also promotes sustainable practices.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  1. General maintenance of the kitchen garden.
  2. Laying stone paths for aesthetic and practical purposes.
  3. Installing guttering to enhance water management.
  4. Building raised beds for efficient and organized vegetable cultivation.

Skills Acquired:

  • Community Development: Contribute to the local community by maintaining and beautifying heritage gardens.
  • Gardening/Grounds Maintenance: Learn and apply essential gardening skills in a historical setting.
  • Habitat Clean-up/Restoration: Contribute to the restoration of heritage landscapes through dedicated conservation efforts.
  • Teamwork: Engage in purposeful team building challenges while volunteering alongside our experienced staff and dedicated team of volunteers.

This opportunity is perfect for corporate groups or individuals seeking a meaningful team activity that combines heritage preservation, sustainable gardening, and community engagement. Join us as we work together to enhance and protect the historical charm of our kitchen garden.

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