NI Greenway Development Support to Councils

Minister Mallon confirms funding of greenway development support to Councils

Image via Department for Infrastructure

Infrastructure Minister, Nichola Mallon has announced a programme for providing greenway development support to Councils.

Minister Mallon said:

“Last year, I announced over £4 million of capital grant funding in support of Council greenway projects.

“Councils have welcomed this funding but I have also been approached about the need for further assistance in the development of greenway proposals.

“I am therefore pleased to announce a programme of Greenway Development Support for Councils which will start this year. I have awarded a grant of £50,000 to Sustrans to carry out an assessment of the current state of greenway development across the north and develop a phased programme of greenway delivery in consultation with Councils.

“This will lay a good foundation for a co-ordinating role for the overall greenway programme, technical advice, advice on stakeholder consultation and support for Councils in the delivery of greenway schemes.

“By providing this dedicated resource, we can progress delivery against the greenway proposals set out in ‘Exercise – Explore – Enjoy: a Strategic Plan for Greenways’, with a more strategic and co-ordinated approach, raising the priority of greenway schemes within Councils and other stakeholders.

“I want to work with all Councils and key stakeholders to assist in the development of greenways as part of my vision to enable greater sustainable transport options that connect communities, tackle the impact of climate change and improve lives.”

Sustrans Northern Ireland Director Caroline Bloomfield welcomed the charity being appointed to this coordinating role.

Caroline Bloomfield said: “We look forward to working with all 11 Councils to understand the current state of greenway development across Northern Ireland and to supporting them to develop plans for greenways in their local council area.

“This is an exciting piece of work which will ultimately enable more people to have access to high quality greenways across Northern Ireland, encouraging walking, wheeling and cycling. Our aim is that these traffic-free routes would then be adopted as part of the UK-wide National Cycle Network which we are guardians of.”

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