New Planning Portal goes live

A new planning portal is now operational from Monday 5 December.

The new portal will provide a modern streamlined service making it easier for users to engage with the planning process by submitting and reviewing applications online, reporting breaches of planning control and submitting requests for regional planning applications.

The ability to submit planning applications online will transform the system by putting online and paperless submissions at the heart of the business model, making the planning process more accessible for customers as well as supporting sustainable development across Northern Ireland.

The new portal was funded by the Department for Infrastructure and 10 councils and replaces the existing Northern Ireland Planning Portal (NIPP) which had reached the end of its operational life.

With over 12,000 planning applications submitted each year this is the largest joint IT project between central and local government to date in Northern Ireland.

Anyone wishing to submit a planning application or track or comment on an application will need to create a new user account when using the system for the first time, including those who currently hold a Public Access account.

Demonstration videos of how to submit an online planning application and to search and view applications are available at:

Further details are also available at: link opens in a new window / tab)

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