The Rivers Trust launches easy-to-use Big River Watch App to empower Northern Ireland’s water guardians

Image via The Rivers Trust

Ahead of World Rivers Day on Sunday, September 24, 2023, The Rivers Trust has today launched the innovative Big River Watch App, a pioneering tool designed to engage and empower communities across Northern Ireland in the crucial mission of protecting our precious waterways.

The Big River Watch App is a game-changing initiative that harnesses the power of technology to unite individuals, organisations, and communities in safeguarding Northern Ireland’s rivers and streams. This free and user-friendly app provides a unique platform for citizens to actively participate in monitoring the health of our watercourses and taking meaningful conservation actions.

The Rivers Trust is a leading environmental charity dedicated to protecting and conserving rivers and watercourses in Northern Ireland, Ireland and Great Britain. With a mission to inspire and enable communities, businesses, and individuals to take action for healthier rivers, The Rivers Trust works collaboratively to tackle pollution, enhance biodiversity, and promote sustainable water management practices.

The Rivers Trust All-Ireland Director Mark Horton said: “Rivers are suffering from sewage, plastic, chemical and nutrient pollution. To change this, we need to know where our rivers are having the problems and which problems are the most prevalent. The free and open Big River Watch survey is your chance to make a difference.

“Data gathered during Big River Watch can support policy change, helping turn the tide on plastics or stem the flow of untreated sewage. It also helps identify the best places for river clean-ups or creating things like wetlands.

“The Rivers Trust is committed to promoting the responsible stewardship of our natural resources, and the Big River Watch App is a significant step towards achieving this goal.

“By putting the power of river monitoring directly into the hands of the public, we hope to inspire a new generation of water guardians who are passionate about preserving and enhancing the health of Northern Ireland’s rivers.

“With this app, we’re inviting everyone to become a part of the solution, to monitor water quality, report pollution, and engage in the vital work of river conservation. We believe this collaborative effort will have a profound impact on the health of our waterways for generations to come.”

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