Outdoor Recreation Network Annual Conference – Navigating Outdoor Recreation with Insights

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Outdoor Recreation Network (ORN) next annual conference is in Glendalough, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

Against the backdrop of Ireland’s transformative approach to outdoor recreation, distinguished by the implementation of a National Outdoor Recreation Strategy and unprecedented investment, this conference aims to explore strategies for navigating the future with insights.

This event in the stunning Wicklow Mountains will unite the sector on both sides of the Irish Sea to learn how to access and best utilise the unparalleled levels of data now available to the sector.

Join with to explore the instrumental role of research and mapping data to help navigate the future of outdoor recreation in ways that mitigate the challenges and maximise the opportunities ahead of us. This will include – but not limited to:

  • Resource Allocation and Strategic Focus: Data-driven insights identify areas with high potential for outdoor activities, guiding strategic resource allocation, ensuring impactful investments, facilities, and infrastructure.
  • Accessibility and Inclusivity: Mapping insights highlight accessible outdoor spaces, promoting inclusivity for all abilities. This data forms the basis for designing recreational areas that foster community and equal access.
  • Environmental Impact and Sustainable Development: Data-driven insights contribute to sustainable outdoor recreation by assessing and mitigating environmental impact. Visitor pattern understanding helps protect ecosystems and preserve natural landscapes.
  • Visitor Experience and User-Centric Design: Research data informs outdoor space design, enhancing the visitor experience by aligning with community expectations, preferences, and behaviours.
  • Policy Development and Informed Governance: Data-driven insights inform effective policies and strategies for outdoor recreation, enabling governments and organisations to establish regulations, allocate budgets, and create frameworks supporting growth and sustainability.
  • Economic Impact and Informed Decision-Making: Understanding the economic impact of outdoor recreation aids communities in making informed decisions, fostering economic growth, tourism, employment, and local business development.
  • Community Engagement and Inclusive Planning: Mapping and research data facilitate community engagement, ensuring outdoor recreation spaces meet the diverse needs and preferences of local communities through participatory planning and development.


Glendalough Hotel
Brockagh, Glendalough, Co. Wicklow, A98 X9C1


Outdoor Recreation Network
+44(0)2890 303 930

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