A Transformative Session with Tina O’Dwyer from the Tourism Space

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We are thrilled to announce an event that we believe will be of great interest to the sector!

A three hour workshop on regenerative tourism will be facilitated by Tina O’Dwyer from The Tourism Space in La Mon Hotel, on Thursday 13th June from 10am until 1pm.

This session will delve into the transformative potential of regenerative tourism within outdoor environments.

What is Regenerative Tourism?

Regenerative Tourism goes beyond sustainable tourism, aiming not only to minimise negative impacts but also to actively contribute to the restoration and regeneration of ecosystems, communities, and cultural heritage. Regenerative tourism focuses on fostering positive relationships between tourists, host communities, and the natural environment, while also promoting long-term resilience and well-being for all stakeholders involved.

What is involved?

Attendees will be introduced to the concept of regenerative tourism, tracing its evolution, and exploring real-world applications. Through engaging discussions, participants will uncover how tourism can become a force for positive change in both local communities and ecosystems, with a special focus on the outdoor sector. A captivating case study on the Burren Ecotourism Network will underscore the significance of collaborative efforts and stakeholder engagement in achieving regenerative success within outdoor destinations.

What will the learning outcomes be?

  • Principles of regeneration and how they apply to tourism
  • Going beyond sustainability to regeneration
  • Hallmarks of a regenerative business and experience

Outlining how Nature and Community are key stakeholders in tourism


La Mon Hotel
La Mon Hotel, 41 Gransha Road, Castlereagh, Belfast BT23 5RF



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