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The Space & Place Programme is a £15million, 5 year capital grants project that will support local communities to connect people by developing under–used, contested and/or difficult spaces.



The Space & Place Programme was officially launched on the 7th May 2013 at Crumlin Road Gaol.

Space & Place will support the integration of communities, across various divides in Northern Ireland, through the development of local space and place. By reclaiming and transforming derelict and neglected spaces and places, local people can improve their local environment and provide a range of activities that will encourage more people to play a part in their communities.

The programme will give grants of between £50,000 and £1m to communities to make better use of new and existing outdoor and indoor spaces. By prioritising enhanced use of space and resources, it will help build community capacity within and between communities, address isolation and support change through the transformation to safer, more user–friendly and useful spaces for individuals, families and communities.

The Space and Place Consortium, headed by the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland, will deliver the Space and Place programme in Northern Ireland. The Space & Place Consortium is a partnership who will take responsibility for the Programme Management, with the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland (as lead partner) taking responsibility for the day–to–day operational management of the programme.

The core membership of the consortium, in addition to the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland, include: 

Groundwork NI

Northern Ireland Environment Link

Northern Ireland Housing Executive

Public Health Agency

Rural Community Network

A dedicated website for the programme has been developed and includes a wealth of information on the programme including information about the programme, how to apply, funded projects and news:

As part of the programme, NIEL have employed a Space and Place Policy Officer to provide an added value learning element – promoting best practice, developing case studies and teasing out the key practice to policy lessons.

More information on the Space & Place Policy Officer can be found here.