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Our climate is changing, last year we had the hottest temperature on record for Northern Ireland and significant wildfires and floods both locally and devastating impacts on the places we source, feed, seeds and fertilizer due to cascading supply chain risks. We hear a lot in the media about fighting climate change by cutting carbon, but we hear less about the risks and opportunities from the climate change which is already baked in. This project is to be codeveloped with farming communities for farming communities – sharing understanding in reducing the impact of risks like flooding, drought, shifting seasons and pests, and also take advantage of opportunities for new ways of working which could cost less and help make more money and increase food security.

Working with the UFU and other stakeholders we recognise that the highest priority of this project is to raise awareness of climate risk and take action to ensure the resilience of NI farming communities and share the latest knowhow of the costs and opportunities of a just transition for farming communities and food security for Northern Ireland.

We will know this project is successful if climate risks and opportunities start to be built into future farming practices here and people find sharing what is working well and learning from others and continue to do so. We hope that by working together we can bring people together for future farming in a changing world.

This project is funded by the Place-based Climate Action Network, find out more about the projects funded by PCAN here.

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