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Northern Ireland Environment Link Logo

The Northern Ireland Freshwater Taskforce (FWTF) represents a range of organisations working together to ensure that Northern Ireland preserves and improves freshwater ecosystems. This involves encouraging Government and wider society to adopt a sustainable and integrated approach to water management.






The FWTF is calling for:

  • Integrated management of water resources;
  • Restoration and protection of wetlands given their role in water management;
  • Increased public awareness around household water consumption;
  • Actions to reduce the impact of agriculture on water quality;
  • River modification;
  • Natural flood management and implementation of Sustainable Drainage Systems
  • Active involvement of stakeholders and public participation;
  • Effective planning to safeguard freshwater resources;
  • Continued work to achieve Water Framework Directive standards or higher
  • Invasive alien species management.



From Source to Sea – Ten Steps to Sustainable water use in NI

Environmental Audit Committee Nitrates Inquiry response

Members of the Northern Ireland Freshwater Taskforce are:

Friends of the Earth NI;
National Trust;
Northern Ireland Environment Link;
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds;
The Rivers Trust;
Ulster Angling Federation;
Ulster Wildlife; and
Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust

If you would like further information on the work of the Freshwater Taskforce contact:


Northern Ireland Environment Link 
89 Loopland Drive 
BT6 9DW 
Tel: 028 9045 5770