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Environmental education

Changing the attitude of society to the environment is crucial to the long term prosperity of Northern Ireland – the environment is the valuable resource on which our economy is based. Sustained environmental education at various levels (from school to general public) is needed.

Environmental education

Research has shown that outdoor and environmental education has multiple benefits for children. Schools can be seen as drivers of sustainability at the heart of their communities, promoting a culture of ‘learning together’. Engaging adults in informal lifelong learning using the outdoors also brings a range of benefits. Environmental education has been shown to:

  • Improve academic performance across the curriculum including numeracy, literacy and STEM activities
  • Encourage children to transfer and apply skills learned in the classroom, and lets them gain skills to tackle future environmental issues facing Northern Ireland
  • Increase equality of opportunity for children from all backgrounds
  • Improve discipline in the classroom
  • Bring inherent health and wellbeing benefits to children and adults
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