Urgently Needed Team Volunteers: TCV Tree Nursery


TCV Tree Nursery to include an urgent call for action!

ISSUE – Our recently sown acorns sown in out tree nursery, Cultra are at high risk of being eaten by rabbits, squirrels and other wildlife.

SOLUTION – install rabbit proof fencing around our growing infrastructures to keep rabbits, squirrels and other wildlife out.

CONTEXT – The Conservation Volunteers TCV grow native trees seed, nursing these through their early years until they are of sufficient size to be planted in their forever home on woodland regeneration, community and schools projects. Native acorns are our most valuable tree from a biodiversity point of view, but when we sow them on mass we are literally offering an ‘all you can eat’ buffet to rabbits, squirrels and other wildlife.

To prevent our valuable acorns from being eaten we need to rabbit proof our nursery and growing infrastructure areas. This involves constructing and attaching rabbit proof fencing around our key growing areas. These are predominantly made from timber and chicken wire, using a combination of battery powered drills and hand-tools.

Our ask is for essential ‘people-power’ to be the solution to our issue as we require over 250m of rabbit proofing to be installed. Ideally this task is completed by mid-April and is suitable for a team of 4-12 people. TCV will provide all necessary materials, tools and PPE, along with full skills training, healthy and less-healthy snacks to keep energy levels high!

NB no rabbits, squirrels or other wildlife will be harmed on the completion of this task! We have created a wildlife friendly ‘snack’ area to distract them from our valuable acorns, the forests of the future.

TCV’s Tree Nursery project at Cultra is a prime example of how we support local people to reduce their carbon footprint whilst preserving the local genetic character of native Irish trees. Our Tree Nursery is unique in Ireland as we complete all processes of growing native trees from seed by hand; seed collecting, processing, stratifying, sowing, lining out and planting trees in their forever home. We offer purposeful Team Building Challenges volunteering alongside our experienced staff and volunteer team to increase and protect our valuable native trees. This is ideal for corporates or groups of individuals who want a team activity.

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