RSPB NI – Volunteer Coordinator (Northern Ireland Swifts)


Every spring, Swifts return to our towns and cities after travelling thousands of miles from Africa where they spend the winter. These small birds with scythe-shaped wings have total mastery of the skies. They feed, drink, mate and sleep whilst flying, only landing to nest and raise chicks. They prefer to build their nests in buildings across our towns and cities, but over time there have become fewer places they can use and their numbers in the UK are down by over half. They are in trouble and the distinctive cries of Swifts that once filled the skies in summer are dwindling.

Urgent action is needed to stop them disappearing from our skies, so RSPB NI are working alongside the Northern Ireland Swift Group and RSPB Local Groups to raise awareness of Swifts and increase direct action for them.

What tasks will you be doing?

As a Volunteer Coordinator you will be:

  • Responsible for directing people to how they can help Swifts using wide range of resources including RSPB’s swift action pack.
  • Working with RSPB Communications Team to raise the profile of swift conservation internally and externally.
  • Supporting the partnership work of RSPB NI, NI Swift Groups and RSPB Local Groups including:
    1. Develop a calendar of activities throughout the year with particular focus on Swift Awareness Week
    2. Assisting with surveying key sites this coming season
    3. Assisting the partnership with the development of council guidance
  • Supporting the development of a Swift Champion Network

This is a flexible opportunity requiring the equivalent of 1-1.5 days per week and the option to role-share. We’ll ensure you’re provided with an RSPB laptop and are set up with access to the RSPB computer network so you can comfortably carry out your role at home.

You’ll be given a full RSPB induction and training on swift ecology and how to provide advice on conservation action for swifts. You’ll be managed by an RSPB Assistant Conservation Officer and supported by the Species Volunteer Network Project Officer and Local Group Development Officer.

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