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UK could introduce ban by 2032 13 February 2020

UK could ban sale of petrol and diesel cars in 12 years, says Shapps (via The Guardian)

Annadale Emb
By Jasper Jolly

The government could ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars in 2032, three years earlier than previously suggested, the transport secretary has said.

A consultation launched last week suggested all cars with internal combustion engines could be banned from 2035 but Grant Shapps told BBC radio on Wednesday the ban could come within 12 years.

The ban would happen by 2035 – or even 2032, subject to consultation, he said.

The comments will add to the concerns of the car industry, which has criticised the government for “moving the goalposts” with its earlier announcement that the limits could come by 2035, from an initial expectation of a 2040 ban.

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