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Christmas Fair at The Argory

Saturday 2nd December
The Argory, Moy
Normal Admission, Members Free


Air Pollution in the UK Post–Brexit – Tackling air pollution and delivering a cleaner, greener and healthier future for the UK

Tuesday 5th December
TBC, Central London
See website for details

NIEL AGM 2017 & GDPR Information Session

Wednesday 6th December
Window on Wildlife (WOW), Belfast

Santa’s Magical Kingdom at The Argory

Thursday 7th December
The Argory, Moy
Adult £7 Child £15

Navigating the Future – Inland Waterways Development

Thursday 7th December
Waterfront Hall, Belfast
See flyer for details

Fermanagh Choral Society Christmas Concerts

Friday 8th December
Castle Coole
Adult £15

Yuletide Market at Rowallane

Saturday 9th December
Rowallane Garden
Normal Admission, Members Free

Have a go: Coppicing

Saturday 9th December
Strangford Lough
No Charge, Donations Welcome

Magical Christmas

Saturday 9th December
Castle Coole
Adult £5, Child £15

Belfast’s First Repair Café

Saturday 9th December
Farset Labs, Belfast

Path Maintenance & Scrub Control

Sunday 10th December
Balloo Wetland & Woodland, Bangor


Dec out your Gingerbread Man

Saturday 16th December
Rowallane Garden
Normal Admission, Members Free, Donations Welcome

Christmas Social Event

Sunday 17th December
Members House


Travel Survey for NI 2012–14 17 December 2015

The Travel Survey for Northern Ireland (TSNI) in–depth report, containing statistics for 2012–2014, is now available


The publication is produced by the Central Statistics and Research Branch (CSRB) of the Department for Regional Development and contains information on trends in personal travel for Northern Ireland residents, how they travel, why they travel and some of the other factors affecting travel. The publication is available on the CSRB website at:

Key points
The key points for 2012–2014 are:

· On average, Northern Ireland residents travelled 5,958 miles per year during 2012–2014. This is around the same as the average distance travelled per person per year in 2002–2004 (5,861 miles).

· In 2012–2014, each person made an average of 908 journeys each year. This has decreased from the 2002–2004 average of 963 journeys per person per year.

· Looking at the 17 and over age group, a higher proportion of men (83%) held full car driving licences than women (72%) in 2012–2014. Over the last ten years, there has been an increase in the proportion of women holding a car driving licence from 61% in 2002–2004 to 72% in 2012–2014, whereas there has been no real change in the proportion of men holding a licence during this time period.

· Car journeys accounted for 72% of all journeys made in 2012–2014, 17% were walks and 5% were journeys by public transport (Ulsterbus, Metro, Other Bus, Northern Ireland Railways, Black Taxi).

· Those living in the Belfast area (Belfast Local Government District prior to April 2015) travelled an average of 4,229 miles per year in 2012–2014, 29% lower than the Northern Ireland average (5,958 miles per person per year).

· Each person spent, on average, 299 hours per year travelling within Northern Ireland during 2012–2014 – just over 12 days each year or approximately 49 minutes per day. Around 33 minutes per day were spent travelling by car and eight minutes per day were spent walking. The results for 2002–2004 are comparable.

Read more via the Department for Regional Development website…