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NIEL Policy Manifesto 2016–21 23 May 2017

Priorities for the Environment 2016–21: What’s important to you?



The Northern Ireland electorate will be asked to return to the polls on 2nd March 2017 less than a year from the last Assembly elections. Unsurprisingly, the environmental issues that need to be addressed remain the same as those outlined extensively in the NIEL publication “Priorities For The Environment 2016–21”. We are content therefore in advance of the 2017 election to re–issue this environmental manifesto as a roadmap to realising the potential that exists in Northern Ireland’s environment to enrich our society. This document will therefore form the basis of on–going discussions with local political parties in the build up to the election and beyond.

Priorities for the Environment 2016–21 – Full Manifesto

Priorities for the Environment 2016–21 – Summary Manifesto