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Dec 2017 right left


Christmas Fair at The Argory

Saturday 2nd December
The Argory, Moy
Normal Admission, Members Free


Air Pollution in the UK Post–Brexit – Tackling air pollution and delivering a cleaner, greener and healthier future for the UK

Tuesday 5th December
TBC, Central London
See website for details

NIEL AGM 2017 & GDPR Information Session

Wednesday 6th December
Window on Wildlife (WOW), Belfast

Santa’s Magical Kingdom at The Argory

Thursday 7th December
The Argory, Moy
Adult £7 Child £15

Navigating the Future – Inland Waterways Development

Thursday 7th December
Waterfront Hall, Belfast
See flyer for details

Fermanagh Choral Society Christmas Concerts

Friday 8th December
Castle Coole
Adult £15

Yuletide Market at Rowallane

Saturday 9th December
Rowallane Garden
Normal Admission, Members Free

Have a go: Coppicing

Saturday 9th December
Strangford Lough
No Charge, Donations Welcome

Magical Christmas

Saturday 9th December
Castle Coole
Adult £5, Child £15

Belfast’s First Repair Café

Saturday 9th December
Farset Labs, Belfast

Path Maintenance & Scrub Control

Sunday 10th December
Balloo Wetland & Woodland, Bangor


Dec out your Gingerbread Man

Saturday 16th December
Rowallane Garden
Normal Admission, Members Free, Donations Welcome

Christmas Social Event

Sunday 17th December
Members House


Energy Saving Week 2016 9 November 2016

Energy Saving Week 2016 – NI could save £38m by taking six simple energy saving steps (via The Energy Saving Trust)



Image via Energy Saving Trust

With the heating season arriving, figures from the Energy Saving Trust show that six simple changes could save households in Northern Ireland £38 million. The figures have been revealed ahead of the Energy Saving Trust launching its 16th annual Energy Saving Week, offering advice and information on reducing energy costs to help people keep their homes warm this winter. 

Energy Saving Week runs 31 October to 6 November.

Patrick Thompson, Operations Manager at the Energy Saving Trust in Northern Ireland says ‘Energy Saving Week is about helping householders to save energy as the winter draws in. Good insulation and an energy efficient boiler really can help, but my top six energy saving tips cost little or no money’

1.    Move furniture away from radiators

Move furniture away from radiators if you can – ask someone to help if it’s heavy. It will bring warmth more easily into the room.

2.    Draught proof

Draught–proofing windows and doors could save as much as £27 a year. 46 per cent of people still need to draught–proof their windows and doors. This could save almost £10m a year.

3.    Energy Saving light bulbs

Replacing all standard bulbs and halogen spotlights in your home with energy saving light bulbs could save you around £40 a year. Swapping incandescent bulbs for energy saving and halogens for LEDs could save Northern Ireland around £10m a year.

4.    Standby

You can save around £35 a year just by remembering to turn your appliances off standby mode.

5.    Kettle

Filling the kettle up with as much water as needed could save almost £8 in energy bills a year and over £1m for Northern Ireland.

6.    Shower smarter

Spending one minute less in the shower each day could save around £6 off energy bills each year. At least 25 per cent of people could cut a minute off their showers. This could save Northern Ireland around £1m a year.

Read the full press release here…