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Next steps for wind energy in the UK – market frameworks and development, scaling up connectivity and capacity, and opportunities for regional economies

Thursday 6th May
£190 plus VAT

Diversity, authenticity, regeneration: Delivering the High Street recovery

Friday 7th May
See Eventbrite for details


The Outdoor Partnership Northern Ireland

Monday 10th May


Nature–based solutions for climate change in the UK

Wednesday 12th May


The Assembly Explained

Friday 14th May


CatchmentCARE Week – Bringing Groundwater to the Surface

Tuesday 18th May


The Waste Management Conference

Tuesday 25th May
£315.00– £575.00


BHP Environment Careers Festival 14 April 2021

With the climate crisis such a pressing concern for everyone across the globe, the demand for people with the skills and enthusiasm to protect the environment will only grow and grow… (via Belfast Hills Partnership)



Image via Belfast Hills Partnership

To give young people an awareness of the types of environmental jobs and organisations that are out there, along with employability tips, the Belfast Hills Partnership are delivering an Environmental Careers Festival from the 19th – 26th April

Its aim is to help those that want an environmental job, but perhaps don’t know the route to take, or even the type of roles that are out there. Or those that might not be sure what they want to do yet, but maybe like the sound of working outdoors, or doing their bit to help the climate crisis and just want to know more. It’s going to be completely online, so we’ll be posting digital content across our social media throughout the week, in the lead up to an online environmental employability workshop on Monday 26th April. This workshop will include panellists and a live Q&A, so young people can get their questions answered! The panel will be made up of a mixture of young career professionals, who will be able to give current tips on what they found useful in starting their careers; and also staff experienced in the recruitment process, who will be able to give hints on what they look for in prospective employees. This event is aimed primarily at young people aged 18 – 25 years old. You can sign up to the workshop on our event page here.

The festival is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund’s Our Bright Future project, a forward–thinking social movement that’s about supporting young people to lead progressive change in their communities and local environment. They’re tackling environmental issues and the lack of opportunities for young people by using one problem to help another. It’s about unleashing the potential of young people, so they can make a big, positive impact and become an unstoppable force for good.

The Our Bright Future campaign came up with three Asks, based on more than 700 ideas from young people (for more info see These Asks aim to address issues that affect both young people and the environment and set out the changes to society, young people want to happen. One of these asks was for young people to get more support into environmental jobs. Therefore, it is the hope of the Belfast Hills Partnership, that our Environmental Careers Festival will go some way to achieving this.

Patricia Deeney, the Youth Development Officer at the Belfast Hills Partnership, said:

“The environmental job sector isn’t as well known as other sectors, so young people might not know about the variety of roles out there, or the different routes you can take into the sector. It is our aim that this Environmental Careers Festival will help or perhaps even ignite an interest in an otherwise unknown career path.

“The festival will take place completely online, but will include some inspiring footage of environmental work taking place on the ground in the Belfast Hills and beyond; showcasing a range of careers to illustrate the broad roles available.”

Following the festival, a resource pack will be available to download from the Belfast Hills Partnership website, that will include a summary of the digital content. A useful tool for anyone hoping to get an environmental job, or any teachers/lecturers who help young people with their employability.

To find out more, contact or phone the Belfast Hills Partnership office on 028 9060 3466.

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