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1.3m bits of litter spoiling NI 28 February 2020

NI streets littered with 1.3 million bits of rubbish (via BBC)

litter in Belfast

By Conor Macauley 

There are 1.3 million bits of litter on Northern Ireland’s streets at any one time, according to the most extensive survey of its kind ever done.

That equates to 28 tonnes of rubbish.

The figures have emerged as a result of research carried out for environmental group Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful and a Stormont executive department.

Cigarette butts are the most commonly discarded item, followed by drinks cans, crisps packets, sweet wrappers and plastic bottles.

Plastics were found in 71% of all of the waste collected and the annual clean–up bill is estimated at £45m.

The survey found there were 481,000 cigarette butts on the streets of towns and villages, in public areas and on roadsides.

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