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Northern Ireland Environment Link Logo

See NMNI response to the Environmental Plans, Principles and Governance Public Discussion Document

Brexit is bringing huge changes to how we manage the environment in Northern Ireland. This brings both serious challenges and exciting opportunities to shape the laws and governance that protect nature.

Nature Matters NI

Nature Matters NI is a campaign led by a coalition of environmental organisations in Northern Ireland. We’re on a mission to protect nature so that we can secure the best future for our environment after Brexit.

Nature Matters NI is campaigning for:

  • Funding for nature conservation to replace existing EU funding programmes such as LIFE+ and INTERREG.

We need new nature friendly agriculture legislation that will enable farmers and nature to thrive together, creating a countryside that is both productive and bursting with wildlife. This animation explains why this needs to happen in Northern Ireland:

Our Brexit Position Statements can be viewed here…

Follow @NatureMattersNI to help protect the environment in Northern Ireland.

The NIEL Brexit Coalition

The NIEL Brexit Coalition is a wide range of organisations and individuals dedicated to securing the best future for our environment post Brexit. Nature Matters NI is our public–facing campaign comprising of organisations such as the National Trust, Northern Ireland Environment Link, RSPB NI, and Ulster Wildlife, representing approximately 100,000 members in Northern Ireland.