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MLA Charter to Protect and Restore Nature

MLA Pledge 

A healthy environment is essential for everyone. It’s where we live and raise our families, where we work and where we relax.

In Northern Ireland, we share our home with over 20,000 different species such as pine martens, red squirrels, puffins and curlew.

But our environment is under pressure. The majority of our water bodies are in poor condition, our citizens are breathing polluted air and many species are in decline. We need new laws to ensure a nature friendly future for Northern Ireland after Brexit.

I pledge to work in the Northern Ireland Assembly to:

  • Establish an independent environmental watchdog, on a par with other parts of these islands, to uphold the law and give the environment and citizens a voice.
  • Enshrine in NI law key environmental principles, such as the precautionary principle, the polluter pays principle and the principle that environmental damage should be rectified at source.
  • Put in place new legislation to halt and reverse biodiversity loss on land and sea and to tackle climate change.
  • A sustainable land use policy that protects and restores the environment.
  • Develop future fisheries policies which sustain both the marine environment and fisheries by keeping the health of the sea at the heart of decision making.
  • Work closely with other governments to address shared environmental issues and challenges.

By working together, we can ensure the recovery of nature in Northern Ireland protecting the environment for future generations and creating a home where everyone can thrive.

If you would like to sign this pledge, please contact: Daithi McKay on

51 Signatories