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Volunteers from MCL Consulting are joined by members of their families
and Michael McAliskey from DAERA to collect litter at Rostrevor beach

Rostrevor was the scene of an historic moment last month, as volunteers for Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful carried out a clean–up on the town’s beach and lifted the millionth piece of litter that the environmental charity has counted across the ten beaches that they survey nationwide.

The organisation has been carrying out these surveys since 2012, using a well–trained group of dedicated volunteers to assess the levels of marine litter washed up on some of our best loved and most iconic beaches. Once the litter count is complete, another team of volunteers then follow in behind and bag it all up, ensuring that our beaches are kept as clean as possible while also allowing relevant data to be gathered on the extent of the marine litter issue. These data are then used to publish their annual Marine Litter Report and are also uploaded to the OSPAR Commission’s database – a portal that receives data from a number of other countries in North East Europe. This information can then be used to develop policy and research potential solutions to the issue, which has come under intense public scrutiny within the last year.

Whilst one million pieces of litter may seem like a shocking figure for some, to others it is not at all surprising. Freddie Harris, the Cleaner Neighbourhoods Manager at Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful, said, “We see a ridiculous amount of litter on some of our survey beaches. The number we have reached this month is obviously a big milestone, but it’s hard to be too pleased about it because it’s a clear sign that we’re not doing enough to combat the problem. We can collect data, write reports and inform policy makers as much as we like, but unless we also engage with the public in a way that energises them to change the way they act, we’re fighting a losing battle. We would ask everyone to think about their daily habits with regards to waste, whether it’s taking reuseable bags with them to the shops, or bringing their refillable mug to the café – we can all do our bit to help.

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<![CDATA[ Belfast sculpture takes root]]>


Photo by Michael Cooper

A new 15–foot–high sculpture of solid oak has been unveiled at the Woodland Trust’s Friends of Belvoir Wood in south Belfast.

The crafty creation is one of 11 handcrafted poles, by woodcarver Simon Clements, situated at sites across the UK. The sculptures are a physical and permanent legacy of the Charter for Trees, Woods and People, launched in November last year. 

The Charter for Trees, Woods and People was inspired by the original medieval Charter of the Forest, which – some 800 years ago – reinstated the rights of everyday folk to access the Royal Forests. Livelihoods depended upon the all–important opportunity to graze livestock, forage for food and collect firewood.

Today’s charter, with the importance of trees and woodland still firmly at the core, is the handiwork of conservation charity the Woodland Trust, with input from over 70 other organisations.

More than 60,000 tree stories were shared by members of the public, demonstrating the importance of trees to the individual. The recurring sentiments, such as the need for increased protection for our natural heritage, were used to form the 10 principles of the charter.

Northern Ireland’s charter pole represents the theme of planning – the importance of planning greener local landscapes.  A short poem and woodland images twist around the pole. The carefully chosen words were inspired by artist Christine Mackey.

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<![CDATA[ Live Here Love Here Awards 2019]]>  



These awards celebrate the tremendous efforts of groups and individuals across the province who embody the values of Live Here Love Here, making Northern Ireland a cleaner, greener and safer place to live. If you know a group or an individual who deserves an award for their volunteer work carried out on a positive environmental project then we want to hear from you. This work could be anything from improving the quality of their local environment, an innovative way of reducing litter, or encouraging others to have pride within their local community through practical environmental action.

Taking place on the 12th February 2019, the awards will be hosted once again by Lesser Spotted Journeys presenter, Joe Mahon and will encourage all generations to come together with like minded people and celebrate their pride in their communities.

With 16 categories to apply for, there is something for everyone. Whether your nominee is a dedicated litter hero or a group of community champions, now is your chance to say thank you.

Entry is free and easy, simply click the buttons below to download a nomination form and an application pack. Send it in to Karina at before 12 noon on 7th January 2019 so your group or individual doesn’t miss out!

Download a nomination form and celebrate your Litter Heroes today! 

At Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful we run a number of campaigns and programmes that embody the values of Live Here Love Here which would not be possible without the help of our dedicated volunteers– volunteers who have shown they truly do love where they live. 

Download an application pack 

Download a nomination form


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