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Why do we need an Aarhus Centre for Environmental Justice in Ireland 2/2

Tuesday 10 November 2020 - 10/11/20


This event will examine the need for an Aarhus Centre for environmental justice in Ireland.

About this Event

This event, which is supported as a pilot study by Community Foundation NI, aims to engage the public on 2 questions around the Aarhus Convention in the course of 2 sessions described below

First Session:

1. Have you “had your say” so far?

Second Session:

2. How can we ensure, you “have your say” or improve, how you “have your say”

In the first session we will tell you briefly about the rights granted to every citizen to enable them to participate in civic decision–making concerning their environment which includes climate change and biodiversity. To do this we will provide a short presentation and talk on the details of the Aarhus Convention.

In the second session we will endeavour to relate our experience to date on the regional, national and international connections to the Aarhus Convention, together with any research updates

In each session and time permitting, we hope to have brief Q & A, Breakout session and feedback.

Please note that due to the current pandemic situation, our schedule may be subject to change but we will endeavour to keep this to an absolute minimum. If you have any particular needs, please feel free to contact to the organizers, at any time.

We welcome attendees from all walks of life and from all sections of our community, including those we already know and those we look forward to getting to know. We want to engage in a spirit of equality, inclusion and friendship.

We look forward to meeting all of you.


The Aarhus Convention

The Aarhus Centres