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Valuing Nature Annual Conference 2019

Monday 28 October 2019 - 29/10/19

Royal Society, London

The Royal Society, London is the venue for this year’s Valuing Nature Annual Conference, which will take place on Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th October. 

Once again this year, attendance is free, and is funded by the Valuing Nature Programme

Register now, for this fourth and final edition of the Valuing Nature Annual Conference

The 2–day conference will bring together people from diverse research areas and from business, policy and practice to share latest research findings from the programme and beyond, and to improve the ways in which we incorporate findings into practice. 

Attendees at Valuing Nature Conference 2018 said:

“Great as always to meet people thinking about things in different ways.”

“Great speakers, diverse projects at different stages and from different locations.”

“I particularly enjoyed the sessions on research with real world impact and the final summary with the panel speakers. “

Broad Objectives for the Conference:

This year’s conference will have three broad objectives:

(i) providing a space for sharing research findings and outputs, as well as experiences of valuing nature in practice, including how these approaches can integrate and complement other approaches to protect ecosystems, ecosystem services, and health and wellbeing;

(ii) highlighting the achievements of this five–year research programme and associated research projects; and

(iii) exploring the future for valuing nature research and practice. 

Programme timeline:

The conference will start with registration at 11.30 am on Monday 28th October 2019 and will include a light dinner in the evening. The conference will end on Day 2 at 4:15 pm.  See table below for more details:

Day 1 – 28 October 2019

11:30  Registration opens

12:00  Lunch for all delegates

13:00  Welcome & Keynote Lecture 

14:25  VN Project Speed Talks & Discussion

15:30  Refreshments

16:00  Parallel Sessions

17:30  Poster & Exhibits

19:00  Complimentary, light dinner

Day 2 – 29 October 2019

09:00  Refreshments

09:15  Plenary Session

10:00  Parallel Sessions

11:15  Refreshments

11:30  Poster & Exhibits

12:00  Parallel Sessions 

13:30  Lunch

14:45  Question Time, with Panel & Closing Address

16:15  Close

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