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The Local Community Regeneration Event 2021

Thursday 8 July 2021


The Covid–19 pandemic has severely impacted the economies of our towns and cities, endangering communities across the UK. As we adapt to life beyond lockdown, local authorities and community leaders are searching for innovative regeneration strategies to revitalise their battered local economies. The UK Government has announced a slate of planning reforms and regeneration funding allocations to support this, including an additional £830 million for the Future High Streets Fund, changes to the National Planning Policy Framework, and introducing the ‘Right to Regenerate.’ These planning reforms gift significant control over development to communities and form part of the ambition to ‘Build Back Better’.

  • The Government has taken on a new role by providing enormous financial support to businesses, employees and the self–employed through the pandemic. However, additional fiscal stimulus is going to be required that fully recognises the scale of the economic challenge
  • Councils must reconsider our role in stimulating the local economy, delivering vital infrastructure and coordinating our transport network
  • The crisis has served to underpin that economic improvement across the country is a vital part of the nation’s wellbeing

              (Local Government Association, 2021)

Join us at the 3rd Annual Local Community Regeneration Event to hear the latest updates on Government policy and funding allocations, and learn from varied and innovative case studies. Case Studies include; regeneration in coastal and rural communities, community land and asset transfers, green recovery initiatives and using data to inform regeneration planning. You will leave the event equipped with the knowledge required to support your communities as they recover from the impact of Covid–19.

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