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The future for Northern Ireland energy policy – the energy strategy and net zero targets, security of supply, and the impact on industry and consumers

Wednesday 18 November 2020


This conference will examine the future for energy policy in Northern Ireland – and implications for the energy sector, its partners and customers.

We also expect discussion on the impact of the COVID–19 crisis, lessons that can be learned for the future, and extra support that might be needed going forward.

The agenda:

  • Energy Policy in Northern Ireland – key priorities for the energy strategy
  • The role of the energy sector in meeting the 2050 net zero targets
  • Next steps for the development of the grid and interconnectors
  • Ensuring security of supply and effective infrastructure to meet future energy needs
  • Challenges for the market in the energy transition
  • Balancing priorities – costs, competition, innovation and fuel poverty

Developments that are relevant to the discussion:

  • a new Strategic Energy Framework:
    • drafting by the Department for Economy of NI’s long term strategy which will run from 2021–2050 – with expected measures for:
      • emissions – enhancing sustainability and delivering on climate change law by 2050
      • competition – building competitive markets for consumers and businesses
      • infrastructure
      • regulation and governance
    • Micro Inquiry into the Energy Strategy – the Committee for the Economy preparing its report for sharing with the Department for Economy
  • Tomorrow’s Energy Scenarios Northern Ireland – SONI’s report on energy transition towards the overall UK net–zero target for 2050
  • the  Reducing emissions in Northern Ireland report – with concerns from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC):
    • progress – finding that the region needs to catch up to meet the UK’s 2050 Net Zero obligations
    • prospects – estimating that, on the current trajectory, NI would fall short of the 2030 level recommended by the Committee
  • energy security – the focus for Northern Ireland as the UK negotiates its future relationship with the EU
  • the second North/South Interconnector in Northern Ireland – delays in planning permission
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Time   More Details 8:30am – 1:00pm
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+44 (0)1344 864796