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Smarter Power Grid Digital Conference

Friday 22 January 2021 - 22/01/20


Our electricity system is undergoing fundamental change, with the system becoming increasingly distributed and environmentally friendly through the integration of greener energy generation, improvements to energy storage and demand side–response.

Westminster Insight’s Smarter Power Grid Digital Live Broadcast brings together leading experts to discuss the next steps for developing smart electricity networks in the UK, and priorities for delivering grid flexibility, decarbonisation, reduced consumer costs and increased energy efficiency through control over energy use.

Confirmed Speakers:

Craig Dyke, Head of Strategy and Regulation, National Grid’s Electricity System Operator

Randolph Brazier, Head of Innovation & Development, Energy Networks Association

Audrey Gallacher, Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Policy,Energy UK

Caroline Bragg, Policy Director, The Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE)

Dr Howard Porter, CEO, BEAMA

Iliana Cardenes, International Smart Energy Innovation Lead Science and Innovation for Climate and Energy (SICE), Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

Prof. Paul Dorey, Facilitator, UK Energy Sector Cybersecurity Group (E3CC)

Alan Gooding, Executive Director, Smarter Grid Solutions

Emma Davidson, Head of Strategy, SSE

Rubina Singh, Global Channel Strategy, Centrica


Key points:

Applying lessons from leading international smart grid solutions to the UK context

UK Government priorities for delivering flexible energy networks and an update on the next phase of Smart Systems and Flexibility policy

Modernising infrastructure to meet pressures around supply and demand and the move from DNOs to DSOs

Improving support to energy generators, suppliers and manufacturers of energy services, infrastructure technologies and systems

Integrating clean generation on the path to net–zero

Improving cyber security collaboration to strengthen grid resilience

Ensuring the grid can procure capacity through improved storage and battery usage

Meeting customer and consumer demands to create a prosperous environment


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This event will be broadcasted live from our London Studio. Find out more about our Live Broadcasts: <>

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Codes will expire at 9pm, Wednesday 4th November 2020.

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