Implementation of Ecocide Legislation on the Island of Ireland and beyond


Environmental Justice Network Ireland and Stop Ecocide International welcome you to this event.

Join us to hear from Jojo Mehta, Chief Executive and Co-founder of Stop Ecocide International about how the global initiative towards criminalizing ecocide, severe, and widespread or long-term destruction of nature is gaining momentum.

Learn about the progress around the globe, including in Europe and about the countries exploring related legislation.

Hear the presentation of a paper by research associate Juneseo Hwang working with Environmental Justice Network Ireland on the concept of ecocide law on the island of Ireland.

While both Ireland and Northern Ireland have environmental laws, there is a lack of effective criminalization of severe environmental destruction. Cross-border cooperation is essential to establish a unified legal approach in line with the Good Friday Agreement.

Hear about how the case of the contamination of Lough Neagh underlines the urgency for legislative changes, given its ecological significance and degradation.




Stop Ecocide International

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