Devolved but denied? Regulations and consent beyond Westminster

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There are a growing number of powers on the statute book that allow UK Government Ministers to make regulations in areas of devolved competence, such as healthcare and education. Are the devolved legislatures being denied control over regulations on devolved matters that are made in Whitehall? Is there a risk of a widening ‘democratic deficit’? Or are these powers simply required for more effective and efficient government?

Brexit and contested views over the role of Legislative Consent Motions (LCMs) – the mechanism by which the UK’s devolved institutions consent to law created by the Westminster Parliament on matters that are normally devolved – have brought to the fore the question of how the various executives and legislatures across the UK can better co-ordinate and co-operate. It is crucial that mechanisms to involve the devolved institutions in UK delegated law-making within their areas are fit for purpose.

In this online event, parliamentarians from across the UK will discuss the role of devolved institutions in the development and approval of UK Statutory Instruments (SIs) within their areas of devolved policy.




Hansard Society for Parliamentary Democracy

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