Becoming a Joy-Fuelled Climate Activist

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Constantly facing into the climate crisis as a climate activist or professional can leave us feeling overworked, overwhelmed and even despairing of the meaningfulness of our efforts.

The risk of burnout on a planet that is burning, is high and if we’re not careful, this is where fear-fuelled activism can easily take us.

Joy-fuelled activism, on the other hand, enables us to embody sustainability from the inside out.

Joy-fuelled activism sustains us by putting the very things we are fighting so hard to protect at the heart of everything we do.

It reduces our risk of burnout and enables us to live our lives more fully in spite of all that is unfolding, even unraveling, in the world. And in so doing our message to the world becomes an irresistible invitation to be part of something beautiful.

Jo Musker-Sherwood spent 6 six years as the Founder Director of one of the UK’s fastest growing climate NGOs until she experienced a life-changing burnout. After recovering, she retrained in wellbeing and now researches resilience strategies to help activists fuel their work with joy.

In this introductory workshop, Jo will share a range of tools to help Climate Activists in Northern Ireland (and beyond) to …

  • Resist burnout by cultivating practices that bring you joy
  • Tend to the heavy emotions that climate awareness brings, such as eco-anxiety, distress and grief
  • Deepen your connection with others so you can find more support in community

Jo will also signpost to additional resources that can support a more joy-fuelled activism in your life in the longer-term.

Find out more about Jo’s work here, and join the Self-Care for Climate Activists Facebook Group to connect with others.

This event is a collaboration between Climate.Emergence and Northern Ireland Environment Link.




Climate.Emergence & NI Environment Link

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