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Mar 2017 right left


Greyabbey Bay Ramble

Saturday 4th March
Strangford Lough
Adult £4, Child £1

Daffodil Danders at Springhill

Saturday 4th March
Springhill Moneymore
Normal Admission, Members Free

Daffodil Danders at The Argory

Saturday 4th March
The Argory, Moy
Normal Admission, Members Free

Free Open Weekend

Saturday 4th March
Florence Court, Castle Coole, Crom

Dyan Mill, Caledon – Pond Management

Sunday 5th March
Dyan Mill, Caledon


First Opportunity To Complete CEVAS Training in Northern Ireland!

Tuesday 7th March
Greenmount Campus, CAFRE, 45 Tirgracy Road, Co.Antrim BT41 4PS

Red Squirrels United Knowledge Fair 2017

Tuesday 7th March
Various, see programme for details
See website for details


Free National Trust Open Day

Saturday 11th March
Normal Opening Hours

Volunteer Open Day

Saturday 11th March
Castle Ward
No Charge, Donations Welcome

Fishery Open Weekend

Saturday 11th March
Normal Admission, Members Free

Grow Wild and City of Wildflowers – Training and networking event

Saturday 11th March
Malone House, Belfast


Leprechaun Hunt

Friday 17th March
Downhill Demesne and Hezlett House
Normal Admission, Members Free

St Patrick’s Day Walk

Friday 17th March
Castle Ward

Saint Patrick’s Weekend

Friday 17th March
Castle Ward
Normal Admission, Members Free

Saint Patrick’s Day Festival

Friday 17th March
Giant’s Causeway
Normal Admission, Members Free

Spring Book Fair

Saturday 18th March
The Argory, Moy
Normal Admission, Members Free

Rhododendron Ramble and Roast

Sunday 19th March
Mount Stewart
Adult £24 Child £20 (up to 12 years) Member Adult £24 Child £20 (up to 12 years)


Democracy Day – “Democracy on Trial”

Friday 24th March
The MAC, 10 Exchange Street, Belfast BT1 2LS

Discover Spring on the Demesne

Saturday 25th March
Mount Stewart
Normal Admission, Members Free

Mums at Mount Stewart

Sunday 26th March
Mount Stewart
Adult £25 Child £12.50 (up to 12 years) Member Adult £25 Child £12.50 (up to 12 years)

Get Crafty with Mum

Sunday 26th March
Castle Ward
Normal Admission

Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea

Sunday 26th March
The Argory, Moy
Adult £20 (includes estate admission) Child £10 (includes estate admission) Member Adult £15 Child £7.50

Tree Pruning at Gilford Castle

Sunday 26th March
Gilford Castle


Obesity cuts life Expectancy 12 March 2012

Obesity cuts life expectancy by nine years Poots

Obesity is a modern lifestyle epidemic that is threatening our health and well–being.

This was the key message delivered by Health Minister Edwin Poots at the launch of The Framework for Preventing and Addressing Overweight and Obesity in Northern Ireland 2012–2022: A Fitter Future for All.

This ten year strategy will seek to improve the health and well–being of people throughout their entire life, from newborns to seniors.

Mr Poots said: We need to face the issue of obesity head on. Its an issue that will require commitment and action from across all sectors, including other government departments and agencies. It is therefore my intention to invest more than 7 million towards tackling the problem of obesity over the next three years.

In Northern Ireland 59% of adults are either overweight (36%) or obese (23%). Another worrying statistic is that 8% of children aged 2–15 years were assessed as being obese. These figures demonstrate the scale of the problem and the enormous challenge we are facing.

The new framework sets challenging targets. To date we have focussed on simply trying to stop the rise in the levels of obesity, however under ‘A Fitter Future For All’ we want to reduce the level of obesity by 4% and overweight and obesity by 3% among adults. This means changing for better the lives of around 60,000 people.

This will require changes in our lifestyles and behaviours. Most importantly, individuals need to be given the opportunity to make decisions that will benefit their own health and well–being.

The proposed framework proposes new measures aimed at:

· increasing levels of breastfeeding;

· increasing knowledge and skills about food and its preparation

· encouraging participation in physical activity;

· promoting walking and cycling;

· making sure how we live and where we live encourages and supports

· healthy eating and physical activity; and;

· encouraging and supporting more community involvement with these issues.

The Minister added: The negative impact on health caused by obesity cannot be overstated. Being obese increases the risk of developing serious illnesses such as heart disease; stroke, some cancers and Type 2 diabetes and can cut life expectancy by nine years.

It is a significant challenge facing modern society and if we dont tackle it now we are storing up a multitude of problems for ourselves in the future.

The Minister continued: More and more of our children and young people are becoming overweight or obese and are putting themselves at risk of developing a range of health problems in their later years.

Evidence shows that it is more likely that an obese child will become an obese adult. This in turn will lead to a greater strain on our health and social care services, with more people requiring treatment and specialist care for obesity–related illnesses.

Northern Irelands Chief Medical Officer Dr Michael McBride added: Obesity is one of the most important public health challenges facing Northern Ireland today. It knows no age limits, no boundaries, it does not discriminate and it brings with it increased risks of developing serious health problems.

People should be aware of the importance of a healthy diet and taking more exercise. We must act now to avoid a future where our children face significant health problems. Individuals can make choices in everyday life that will improve and protect their health.

The Minister cited the Give It A Go! initiative aimed at raising awareness of the range of nutritional and physical activity initiatives in the southern area for special mention.

He said: ‘TheGive It A Go!’ initiative is a great example of how collaborative work can make such a positive contribution to peoples lives by providing opportunities for learning, participation in physical activity and for social interaction.

Tackling obesity throughout the entire population will take time but I strongly believe that the actions set out in this framework will inspire and enable people to improve their diets and be more active.

Government cannot tackle obesity on its own. We can encourage and promote healthy eating and physical activity but as a society, we must take more individual responsibility for our own health outcomes.

Dr Tracy Owen, Consultant in Public Health Medicine and Regional Lead for Obesity with the PHA, said: The PHA is already working with partner organisations across many of the areas included in the framework A Fitter Future for All and is addressing issues such as developing peoples skills and knowledge about healthier eating along with encouraging participation in physical activity. The framework gives us the opportunity to raise awareness of this important area and strengthen action.

As the Minister has mentioned, a good example of this coordinated action is the PHA supported initiative ‘Give it a Go!’ which is providing people in the Southern area with the opportunity to learn about food through supermarket tours and Cook it! classes and to get active through walks, spinning classes and many other activities, all of which are free. These taster sessions are aimed at raising awareness of healthier lifestyles which will ultimately make changes in behaviour more likely.

These changes, no matter how small, can help people to lose weight, maintain a healthy weight and bring big benefits to their general health. Importantly, we have developed this joint programme by working closely with our partners, particularly local councils.